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ITECH has been dealing with building design since 1998. We specialise in the creation of documentation for residential buildings as well as service, office and public buildings such as schools, nursery schools or hospitals. We also make designs industrial buildings, warehouses and other large-scale facilities. Our longstanding experience in design and the building licenses we possess allow us to make designs for sanitary, construction, electrical and architecture branches. We prepare design documentation both for newly designed and existing buildings under renovation; those undergoing thermo-modernisation and historic buildings. We make designs commissioned by private investors, offices, businesses, architecture firms, developers, housing cooperatives and condominiums. Depending on an agreement with an investment partner, ITECH can also provide technical translations into English.
Some of the recently accomplished design:
The design of replacement of the central heating system in the building of The Ministry of Infrastructure and Development in Warsaw, ul. Wspólna 2/4
The design of a solar collector system in DPS in £ód¼, ul. Kosynierów Gdyńskich 20
The design of a plumbing system in the School-Pre-School No. 2 in Grodzisk Mazowiecki, ul. Westfala 3
The design of renovation of the central heating system in the building of The Medical University in £ód¼, ul. Æeligowskiego 7/9
The design of thermomodernisation, the renovation of the gas boiler house and the replacement of the central heating solar collector system in the building of The I Dr. E. Sonnenberg in £ód¼, ul. Pieniny 30
The design of a heat centre in The Królowa Jadwiga Secondary School Complex No. 6 in Piotrków Trybunalski , ul. Krakowskie Przedmie¶cie 36.
About us
Mr Tomasz Jerominko, PhD, Eng. is principal designer and owner of the ITECH firm. He has a longstanding experience in the area of the design of heating, plumbing and ventilation technology. Mr Jerominko is a designer who has a full construction licence to make designs and manage construction work on networks, systems and heat, ventilation, gas, water supply and sewerage systems. As a participant and coordinator of multi-branch design teams, including international ones, he implements projects throughout the country both for Polish and foreign investors. Dr Tomasz Jerominko is an energy advisor specializing in the minimization of investment and operating costs of small and large-scale investments involving residential, industrial and public buildings. As an expert in the International Pescos programme, he co-created systemic solutions for small and medium-sized businesses enabling them to implement energy-saving solutions aimed at a reduction of carbon dioxide into the environment in existing or planned sanitary systems. For many years, Mr Jerominko has been combining the design praxis and latest academic knowledge working as a university teacher at the Institute of Environmental Engineering and Building Installations of Lodz University of Technology, and as a lecturer and coach in courses for civil engineering and sanitary branch specialists. Dr Tomasz Jerominko is an author and co-author of books, handbooks and articles dealing with the design and installation of sanitary systems. He is also a member of the Polish Committee for Standardization. We invite your cooperation.
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